Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ugh, the Paperwork!

No wonder I haven’t quite  launched my new life. Leaving a longtime job for the great unknown of un-retiring is like moving to a new city. Or dealing with a dead parent’s estate. There’s...
COBRA to pay for if you don't have other  insurance.  ( I’m keeping dental insurance.). Because of my “life event,”  my husband’s health insurance can be changed mid-year to add me and set up a new health spending plan. Speaking of which, here is something my employer didn't fully explain to me:
If you leave a job with a flexible spending plan for health (and maybe this is true for childcare), whatever you put in  is frozen on your date of departure. Plus -- and here’s the catch – you can only file claims against your plan up to your departure date. In other words, if you were saving up for a big medical expense after your quit date, too bad! Can’t use it even though it's the same year. And if you can't  use it, you lose it!
Then there’s Social Security to apply for (on line—but lots of details); a 401k to roll over into an IRA (if you’re lucky enough to have a 401 k), Unemploymentpossibly. Getting a new email address.and telling people how to find you. 
One month post-job, I'm just about done.

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