Monday, January 23, 2012

No end to making music

The other  morning I did what I've never done before. And not because I really wanted to.  I thought I should dutifully read the 55-plus guide in The Philadelphia Inquirer. just to see if there was any wisdom in it for those of us who don't consider themselves "retired."
Most of the section was advertising for such communities that seem to be blossoming.  I'm sure they have lots to offer ("peace of mind," "less time raking leaves," "high-end fitness program" ) but the idea of living in one makes my stomach churn.
What was most interesting were some facts from a 2010 Del Webb  survey on Boomers.
Along with other data about the exuberance of our generation, it reported that Boomers see old age starting at 80!!
I'm sure there are 80-year-olds who disagree. One of them surely is conductor Herbert Blomstedt. The other night we heard  him lead the Philadelphia Orchestra performing Beethoven's 3d piano concerto and the Eroica.
Speaking of heroic. Blomstedt  is 84.