Friday, November 18, 2011

Jonah's rendering of UnRetiring

Needing a change from looking at my photo, I commissioned Jonah, 8, to reimagine my blog's name.

What do you think? Should I sub this for the red dress photo?

"I forgot to re-tire my tires!"


libby said...

What great cartoon!!! He's a genius but the cartoon is a little unreadable for the tiny size required, alas.

davidgumpert said...

That was one of my uncle's favorite jokes..."I think I'll 4 new tires for my car." First time I've seen it anywhere else--from an 8-year-old no less. They no best!

Wendy Lee said...

Jonah should definitely be encouraged in continuing his new career as cartoonist extraordinaire. Have you encouraged him to start a blog?