Monday, November 14, 2011

This is a birthday?

So, it was my birthday yesterday. And what did I do?
"This is not how I expected to spend a Sunday -- and your birthday!" my husband griped, after I spent hours on the computer, worrying over a Power Point.
How could this be? I 've left my job. I should have plenty of time
to play, to celebrate, to enjoy a birthday.
It was a command performance. Dale Mezzacappa, a  former colleague who now teaches journalism at Swarthmore, had a last-minute glitch in her class schedule and on Saturday afternoon, I discovered her email asking me to step in.
Yeah! A Challenge.  I left my job, in part, because I wasn't feeling challenged enough. Not creative enough. Putting together an hour-long class, with a tight deadline, was anxiety provoking and exactly how I like to get my juices flowing. Of course, I replied,  "Yes." How often will such opportunities come my way in my new life? That is the big question.
PS, At least I spent the afternoon staring at an oversized computer screen --the surprise present my three daughters and the men in their lives surprised me with.


Naomi said...

Now you can blog even more with your new monitor! Can't wait to read more. We love you!

Helen D. said...

Hi Dottie. Kudos -- you did it. Yes, there is life after the big career. The challenge is to figure out what it is -- and clearly you are doing it. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Best, Helen (Dennis)