Monday, November 7, 2011

An idea rolls in

Oct. 10
So what’s next? What adventures loom? To my surprise, ideas begin landing as soon as I start telling people I've quit. First,  from my Columbia University Journalism school class. We’re a tight group, probably because – in the year after the 1968 upheaval at Columbia – we all took “sensitivity training. “  Journalists should be good listeners, we thought.  Over the years, members have loaned money to each other, found jobs for each other, and celebrated books published.  I was one of the last people left  with a newspaper job. Someone on the list serve suggested a gig training journalists abroad for a month at a time. Hmm. How would my hubby feel about that? He’s still working and can’t drop everything. And there are the grandkids, variously 3 and 4.5 hours away. Do I see them more than once a month anyway? And that was just the first idea to roll in.

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