Monday, October 8, 2012

Paying --A Lot -- for "Camp Me"

$20,000 to $90,000 for a retirement coach? (And we're not just talking financial planning)

See the New Yorker this week for a look inside what the writer, Patricia Marx,  calls "Camp Me,"  one of numerous coaching services that have sprung up to service befuddled boomers who feel as if they're about to step off a cliff (maybe a fiscal one, maybe a physical one, but mostly a what-the-hell's my future? one.)

Have I wasted a year of my life on this blog,  giving out free advice to the world? (My blog statistics say there are some in Russia... hmm.. probably trying to hack their way into the secrets my interviewees have been sharing. And there's the cousin in Australia.).  

Nah, you can't measure fun in dollars. In fact, it was the fun that was no longer in my paycheck that led me to check outta there.

Would you pay for a retirement coach ? What ever happened toexploration? figuring it out with your friends? finding yourself... yourself?

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