Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why Hire A Coach When This Blog is Free?

In case you missed the New Yorker piece nearly two years ago on retirement coaches, the New York Times just wrote about this trend, burgeoning as it is along with the Boomers. For those who are clueless, fretting, anxious, or downright scared about what to do with the rest of their lives, help is at hand. For a price, of course.
After all, the generation that looked to coaches to help pick the right camp and college for their kids; the generation that helped turn stock brokers into financial advisors; the generation (of women, at least) who sought consultants on what colors look best on them or how to organize their closets; this generation, so insecure about their decisions, needs hand-holding once again.
Or, at least that's what such advisors are telling them.
BUT WAIT!  What I've learned in interviewing people in transition for this blog is that most moving on from careers are doing really well on their own.
Need some free consulting?
Listen to how Wisty Rorabacher threw herself into volunteer work that actually created jobs for other people.
Or how a computer "whiz kid", who briefly became a "was kid," found meaning.
Or how Stuart Ditzen is pouring new-found hours into his passion.
Or how Sue Carson realized it was time to think about love.
All gratis.
Take the plunge. The thought of this transition is more scary than the reality.  Really.

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