Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Rides Disappearing, Even For "Super Seniors"?

Dad, with his 70+ Ski Club badge
I remember how my parents (gone some 15 years) proudly sported "70+ Ski Club" badges on their ski jackets. It gave them access to many mountains  -- for free. And they took good advantage of it.

Now, so many boomers are on the slopes that a lot of ski areas have upped the age for senior discounts and freebies. Or abandoned them altogether.

This is good news. And bad news. The bad news is obvious -- everyone wants a break, especially when a one-day ski ticket at some places is approaching the $100 mark.  (At Steamboat Springs, it's $114 at the mountain!)

The good news is that we're schussing and wedeling at loftier and loftier ages.

A bit of research found that policies are, literally, all over the map, though there's a slow age-creep.
Most California resorts still offer discounts to those 65 and over.  But at growing numbers of places, there are no breaks until you reach age 70, when you fall into a new category, called "Super Seniors." (Love that phrase!) At that point, you're likely to get a discount, or maybe ski for free.
But increasingly,  you'll have til 80 for that free ride.

My father was still skiing at 80, and when someone asked him how he did it, he'd say, "It's not a problem. But you don't start at 79!"

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Jordana Willers said...

Grandpa seemed like a pioneer back then - a senior pioneer on the slopes! Amazing how times have changed.