Sunday, March 31, 2013

At What Age Should there be Age Discrimination?

If 70+-year- olds are out in greater numbers skiing the slopes, why can't their peers remain on the bench? I'm not going to do justice to the judges' argument  here. But a lawsuit before Pennsylvania's Supreme Court seeks to let judges rule beyond the current mandatory retirement age. Is it good public policy to have judges ousted  at 70? Or is it age discrimination, as the suit contends?
Is 80 the new 65? Should the older make way for the younger ? And does merit have anything to do with it? (especially in PA, where judges are elected.)
Your thoughts?

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Linda Hughes said...

We should all be judged as individuals. Some people should retire before the mandatory age
(maybe that's called firing) and some who are great at their jobs and want to work longer
should be able to make that choice.