Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For Mad Men Fans, a Pitch that Changed America

The scene is dark. A man with thinning hair is lying awake, unable to sleep. He checks the time. It's 3:30 a.m.  The voiceover says:
So this is retirement. No place to go. Nothing to do. This is what it means to be put out to pasture. There must be something else.

And of course, in 1960 there was something else. Something new. An idea that Americans would glom onto for decades afterward.  The previous quote is from a video made  to promote the nation's first retirement community. That would be Sun City, AZ, a brainstorm of pioneering developer Del Webb, who is also credited with coming up with the phrase, "The Golden Years."

You've got to see this video to believe it. Mad Men fans, you'll love this!

If the play button on the photo below doesn't work, copy this in your browser:

 or Google search:
"Youtube Sun City Promotional"

If you don't want to spend 12 minutes on it, start it at 7:40 for the winter of that generation's  discontent.


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