Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Grandpa Modeling Dresses Has China in Stitches

Lu Qianping, 72. Courtesy, Wall St. Journal

Could it be that oldsters in China are outré,  even outrageous?
Take Lu Qianping, a 72-year-old grandfather who once farmed rice and now models crimson dresses designed by his coutourier granddaughter. Yes, dresses.
Today's Wall St. Journal reports on this "cadre of Chinese seniors" whose "lives have been marked by unimaginable change-- from surviving famine to the advent of fast food. Along the way, many have adopted a devil-may-care approach that flies in the face of stereotypes about conservative Asian elders."
There's even a word for the phenom in Chinese. It's laolaiqiao, loosely translated:  "old people doing young things that even young people wouldn't do."
The story is a stitch -- read it here.
And loosen up! At this stage, why not make a fool of yourself if you're having fun?

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