Monday, January 2, 2012

Unretiring in 2012, what's next?

A few thoughts for the New Year:
Do small challenges each day, rather than undertake a big resolution. As my former Philadelphia Inquirer colleague, Art Carey, reports in his column -- add a salad just for today;  tomorrow compliment a coworker; the next day maybe check your smoke alarms. These ideas get emailed to you daily, courtesy of the Daily Challenge.

(But even in recommending this, I've violated my own resolution for the year, which is not to speak in declarative sentences!)

Here's another thought:  do as the folks in Northampton, Mass.  do -- dance, drum, sing! We were there for the town's exuberant First Night (actually noon to midnight) celebration, where numerous intergenerational dance and vocal groups perform.

             Like this drum corps.

    And this dance group. (Anyone know its name?)

No wonder, Northampton is home to the singing group of movie fame, "Young@Heart".

As for me, besides the resolution about not telling my husband and kids what to do (hah!), I'm going to keep opening doors for myself, and try to decide which one I will eventually burst through -- energized and excited about a new challenge.

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Wendy Lee said...

I just adored the movie "Young @ Heart". Thanks for mentioning it. I encourage everyone to see it (I got it through Netflix)