Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Muscles, Memory, and Moving on

Susan Gore is a stream of chatter for so early in the morning at the Main Line Y. But it’s okay because she's talking about  triceps and glutes and every single abdominal muscle you didn’t even know you had (or more likely don't have)  The stream of instruction takes your mind off the pain.Which is why she has so many devotees, including those at Privately Pilates.
Recently,  in the midst of an agonizing set of stomach-straining "hundreds, " she reported that someone had slammed into her car. “The first thing I thought about was tightening my abs,” she announced cheerfully,  “and I knew I was fine."
Sometimes, she’s philosophical:
“Strength is not only how strong your muscles are but how well your brain organizes your body for movement.”
 It struck me as a metaphor for me:  What you do with the rest of your life isn’t so much about all the skills you’ve spent the decades developing, but about the spirit with which you rally them to catapult yourself forward.
How does that sound?

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Wendy Lee said...

Sounds the metaphor.