Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking for Work?

Project Renewment's Helen Dennis (center)
Looking for work? Here are some tips from columnist Helen Dennis, who launched the Project Renewment movement and recently attended a conference entitled "Work@50."
Among the issues she addresses:  the value of skills vs. experience; the importance of a strong CV vs a cover letter (likely not read); and the need for perseverance, perseverance.
Considering that the U.S. government reported that it took about 49 weeks before a workers age 55 and older could find another job last summer, perseverance is key.

Here's her article.
And here are other job hunting resources she recommends:
Life Reimagined
AARP's job search link.
Career Builder
Retired Brains 
And while she doesn't list it, know that LinkedIn offers a great way to connect to jobs through your longtime network of friends and associates. Many people say that the only way they get interviews these days is by someone putting in a word for them. That's how LinkedIn works. Even though you may not know someone at the company you'd like to work at, a friend of a friend might  know someone or even work there. (That would be a 2nd degree connection on LinkedIn, which takes you out as far as 3d degree connections).
Employers also troll LinkedIn for people with certain skills, so spend some time loading up your profile.

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