Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love and Laughter a Year Later

How Nancy and Hal celebrated in Naples, Fl.
On Valentine's Day a year ago, I brought you a love story-- a tale that has become the most often-clicked story on my blog.  Hal Kessler and Nancy Florin met in high school. He was a young, enthusiastic history teacher. She was one of his admiring students. One reason, probably, was his hysterical sense of humor. But Nancy and Hal didn't become an item for another 48 years. And, guess what? Some relationships are meant to last.
"We are still together," Hal told me yesterday. "We celebrated my eightieth birthday last October. Nancy and I spent 5 wonderful days in Naples. Thursday we will have dinner at Capital Grill (NJ) to celebrate Valentine's Day. 
"Early in March, we are going to Clearwater to watch the Phillies. I wanted to be the the backup for
Jimmy Rollins, but management could not afford the insurance. The front office kept mumbling
about Octoman's (my alias) fielding ability."

Nancy sent along the photo above, taken in Naples, Fl., "to celebrate Hal's BIG birthday.  It's sunset taken from the Gumbo Limba restaurant at the Ritz Carlton through my cosmo!  Only the best for my teacher and 'babe.'"

Hal and Nancy -- the celebration continues

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